- Feb 13, 2012
The future of public lighting is looking greener every day thanks in part to all of these eco streetlight concepts. Streetlights are a necessary evil in even the smallest of towns. They help to ward off the darkness, but their light is often used by no one in particular. This puts a strain on the grid and the city that is funding the streetlights.

City budget makers will soon be able to breathe a little easier once some of these eco streetlight concepts become a reality. These streetlamps are all powered in sustainable ways. Everything from wind turbines to rainwater is used to make light here. What makes things even better is that some of these eco streetlight concepts are designed to return excess energy into the grid. The future of the streetlight could very well be a green one. It will be exciting to see if any of these light posts go from concept to reality.

From Compost-Powered Lamps to Flowering Fluorescent Lighting: