NL Architects' Power Flowers Give Wind Energy a Suburban Aesthetic

 - Mar 5, 2011
References: & gizmag
Wind farms form a phenomenal system by which to harness the renewable resource in gusty uninhabited regions, but NL Architects' Power Flowers offer a way to bring such contraptions into cities without so many complaints from citizens.

Considered to be unsightly and noisy, most wind turbines would not be tolerated in most populated regions, but this reinterpreted treelike contraption is composed of smaller vertical axis turbines brought together as if on big bleached boughs.

Giving sustainable energy generation a sculptural appearance, NL Architects' Power Flowers can fulfill two functions quite simply. They embrace a natural arboreal form that can add to the suburban landscape's aesthetic, but they're able to harness the breeze and offer enough energy to perhaps supply things like streetlights, at the very least.