- Dec 7, 2017
These double duty cosmetics range from collagen-building lip products to illuminating makeup primers. Seeking products that are both cost-effective and convenient, today's consumer is likely to invest in a multi-purpose beauty solutions versus ones that are more limited.

In addition to products like skin-brightening sunscreens, and tinted moisturizers that also offer protection from the elements, Millennials are investing in eyebrow makeup kits that feature both shape and color-accenting products. Examples like Benefit's 'Foolproof Brow Powder' offer a three-in-one kit featuring two shades of eyebrow pigment, along with a brush, and mirror compact.

Appealing to those on the go, these double duty products make any beauty routine a more seamless feat, and are often infused with nourishing ingredients that provide various health benefits. A notable example -- Lip Smacker's 'Kiss Therapy' collection -- does just that with medicated, and healing ingredients along with SPF integration for added protection.

From Contouring Concealer Products to Therapeutic Lip Balms: