From Upcycled Scarf Headbands to Handmade Tribal Headdresses

 - Oct 11, 2013
If you're looking for a fun yet cost-effective way to keep your hair conveniently out of your face, then these DIY headbands will offer up some handy tips on how to do so right at home.

Hair accessories are a fantastically creative way to add some personalized style to your overall look, and while you can easily purchase one from your local store, creating one from scratch allows you to stand out from the more ordinary store-bought designs. These DIY headband activities are demonstrating how a little creativity and upcycling methods can easily transform something such as a scarf into a stylishly brand new headpiece.

From adorable pom-pom headbands to unique tribal headdresses, these DIY headbands are a great way to add new accessories to your wardrobe by utilizing some simple arts and crafts methods.