- Jan 22, 2013
Have you ever wondered what dinosaur food, or dinosaurs themselves tasted like? Ok, you probably haven't, and it's probably easy to imagine they all tasted like chicken anyway. A lack of bizarre curiosity about dino dietary habits shouldn't stop you from wanting to add a little Stegosaurus to your snack time.

Dinosaurs, as a pop culture staple, is a bottomless well. When you couple the fascination kids have with the carnivorous creatures and vegetarian herbivores of the Jurassic and meal time, magic can happen. Kids with a dinosaur obsession will go nuts over having dino-shaped ice cubes, dinosaur-themed cupcakes, and even dinosaur meat. For the grown ups, there's beer brewed from actual 45 million year old yeast or the Tea-Rex tea bag substitute. There's a dinosaur food and drink mix out there for children and inner children of all ages.

From Tea-Rex Teabags to Icy Dino Cubes, Dinosaur Food Isn't Extinct: