From Edible Handbags to Sugary Stilettos, Dessert Fashion Items are Sweet

 - Nov 30, 2011
Dessert fashion has become a worldwide phenomenon with the mass popularity of edible ensembles and sugary sweet accessories. Sweet-inspired styles include cute, clever and playful pieces often worn to make a statement or as novelty items.

Fatty food fashions like ice-cream cone pumps, sugar-covered kicks, sweet-tooth scarves and flavourful footwear are becoming increasingly more and more relevant in pop culture. Confectionary chic styles are no longer just fun novelty items with their increasing prevalence in high fashion.

High style editorials are taking inspiration from sweet treats while famed designers are creating candy-themed collections. From sugary sprinkled makeup to chocolate-inspired timepieces, sweet-infused styles are all about decadence and luxury.

If you are a fashion lover with a dangerous sweet-tooth, these delicious dessert-themed fashions are sure to satisfy any cravings without the extra pounds.