A Guide to Using Your Green Thumb in Home Decor

 - Jan 7, 2009
Do the earth good and evoke your inner Mother Nature. Everyone has a green thumb, and new innovations make it easier than ever to grow your own greenery.

From giftcards that blossom into plants, to bamboo seed-filled mobile phones, the ways in which you can contribute to new life varies dramatically, leaving you without an excuse to do some tree-planting of your own.

The cluster below highlights a diverse array of products that help you infect your own space, yes, even if you're an urban core dweller, with plants.

The gift of life doesn't necessarily pertain to children anymore; today's modern lifestyle often doesn't include kids, so pets, or in this case, plants, fill the need-to-nurture void.

Cycle through the trend candy below for inspiration on doing your part to bring more green into the city.