Pangea Present Packaging Grows Into A Real Spruce Tree

 - Dec 20, 2008
References: pangeaorganics
If you’re into being green, like me, you’ll be excited to learn about Pangea Organics, a company who makes "ecocentric bodycare"--organic soaps, cleansers, creams, masks etc. Pangea’s further donation to the environmental movement is that their holiday gift boxes can be PLANTED instead of thrown away, and they will grow into spruce trees!

I don’t know how well a spruce tree will grow where I am in Florida, but it’s a phenomenal concept. Last year I got a Christmas card that I was supposed to plant (I forgot, but I think I still have it,) but this is even better!

Apparently most of their products come in "molded fiber packing embedded with edible sweet basil or flowering amaranth seeds" that you can plant instead of tossing in the trash. If only all companies would embrace these concepts, our landfills would be much emptier and our space much greener, that’s for sure.