Designers Bring Back Grunge, Mugatu Style

 - Sep 7, 2009   Updated: Jun 7 2011
Nearly 10 years after Zoolander's release, derelict chic fashions are making a comeback. If you recall Mugatu's Derelict Campaign, you'll remember the way the evil designer attempted to glorify ratty fashions.

Perhaps as a reflection of the current economy, derelict chic fashions are more pervasive on the runways than ever, with everything from tattered pants and shredded leggings to wild manes of disheveled hair.

Implications - The recession may have taken many industries by surprise, however, the fashion sector recognizes how to capitalize on this phenomenon. By recognizing consumers' fear over a lack of money, these hobo-chic fashion campaigns relieve tension amongst buyers over financial issues. Companies should consider designing products that show a recognition of the current state of society. In doing so, consumers will feel at ease when buying products, knowing that the company identifies with current social situations.