From Carnivorous Cocktails to Alcoholic Bacon Beverages

 - Feb 14, 2013
Internet aficionados and lovers of all things pork are sure to dig all of these delicious bacon-infused beverages. Bacon is more or less the official food of the Internet. It has been infused into just about every product imaginable, including, but not limited to: lip gloss, cologne and toothpicks. However, the ultimate way to enjoy bacon is to drink it.

These delicious bacon-infused beverages include alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. Everything from soda to cocktails can instantly be made better with a touch of pork. The great thing about all of these drinks is that they probably wouldn’t exist if the Internet community weren’t such a fan of bacon. These delicious bacon-infused beverages show just how big of an influence the web can have on companies big and small.