From Dotted Eyeliner to Candy Couture, the Print Makes a Comeback

 - Jul 21, 2012
Th past few seasons have seen the comeback of prints, and these dainty polka-dot pieces are no exception.

The dotted design proves to be highly versatile as an added pop of tasteful cuteness. The print is the absolute epitome of charming 60s glamour. This polka fever has invaded fashion, beauty, installations, art, architecture and even automobiles.

Patterned perfection has also sparked inspiration in various collaborations. Perhaps the most high-profile case of this manifestation is the recent Louis Vuitton x Yayoi Kasuma power design team. It brings back the mod feel of dots with a lively color palette and quirky feel.

Although spotted patterning can sometimes be borderline kitschy, it certainly brings cheekiness to wherever it is featured. After all, an element of fun is always super appealing to almost anyone.