From Sweet Brunch Dumplings to Creamy Cake Flapjacks

 - Sep 16, 2013
In honor of everyone’s favorite thin pancakes, this collection focuses on crepe creations and dessert flapjacks. The French flapjack variation is popular in both savory and sweet meals. Rather than just one topping, many crepes have a variety of different additives compared to the classic pancake breakfast.

A few of these crepe creations are focused on breakfast, but of course crepes are often enjoyed as a dessert as well. This includes delicate doily-inspired breakfasts and lovable morning meals. Savory concoctions like wasabi caviar crepes is an interesting take, as are the unexpectedly nutritious crepes. Some of these trends are more arts based, like avant-garde food photography and origami-inspired crepe cones. These fancy flapjacks all look very different, and some come in lots of different colors too.