From Classical Corsetography to Bullet-Proof Beauty

 - Sep 1, 2009   Updated: Apr 14 2011
Corsets can be both tantalizing and constricting, and here are twenty different ways to add the old-fashioned beauty accessory to your wardrobe. From peek-a-boo corsets and graffiti corsets to more unconventional forms such as coffee cup corsets and male corsets, this tight and restricting attire is meant only for the brave.

Implications - The revival of retro culture has sparked a resurgence in vintage lingerie, especially garters and corsets. Fashion designers are modernizing the traditional corset by using unusual fabrics, infusing pop culture iconography and creating corsets for body parts other than the torso. Companies can take advantage of this opportunity by reinventing traditional shapewear using cutting-edge materials and technology.