From Royal Couple Impersonators to Goofy Celeb Pics

 - Jul 20, 2011
These comedic celebrity creations will have you laughing on the floor in no time. From royal couple impersonators to hilariously distorted celeb illustrations, this list has it all.

Have you ever wondered what celebs used to look like back in the day? Now you can see, with awkward yearbook portraits with names such as Ryan Reynolds and Jake Gyllenhaal. If that doesn't get you excited, then check out some hilarious celebrity endorsements from names like Russel Brand and Danny McBride. Celebrities everywhere are letting their hair down and allowing their sense of humor infect everything, from campaigns to products.

Implications - When consumers laugh at an endorsement or product, an emotional connection is formed with this brand and they are more likely to purchase items from the same company in the future.