From Reworked Renaissance Ruffles to Feminine Feathered Neckwear

 - Jun 28, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
When you think of collars, you probably think of those found on polo shirts, dress shirts and blazers. These collars, however, are the antithesis to those bland, corporate creations.

From reworked Renaissance-era ruffles to clip-on collars for impromptu meetings and wild feathered neck fashions, there's something for everyone in this slideshow.

Implications - There is a whole lot that can be added to an outfit with a simple twist on its collar (or lack thereof). This one distinct twist has the ability to allow designers to dramatically redefine their fashion while also opening up a whole new kind of aesthetic to prospective clients and consumers, although it is certainly a design that they should embrace more sparingly in warmer climates and during the hotter months of the year.