From Hatted Hipster Beachtography to Essential Beachwear Editorials

 - Jun 14, 2011
Summer is just around the corner and beaches everywhere are looking ever-so-tempting, especially when you prepare with these coastline chapeaus. There nothing worse than having a bad burn or heatstroke after your very first day at the beach, but burns and sun damage can be avoided with the use of a fabulous wide-brimmed straw beach hat, or any of these other coastline chapeaus.

Coastline chapeaus are one accessory that true fashionistas won’t be caught dead without on the beach scene this season. With Straw Hats and Diaphanous Dresses, Feather-Covered Fedoras, and Fashionable Plastic Visors all thrown in the mix, there are no excuses for not bringing an haute-couture look like this to your chosen coastline destination. Forget investing in bathing suits that will literally fade with fashions, instead consider investing in some coastline chapeaus that will have all the beach babes talking!