From Trashy Ashy Carpets to Cigarette Butt Billboards

 - Aug 28, 2010   Updated: Jul 26 2011
These cigarette butt creations will inspire you to take your butts out of the ashtray and put them to good use. A cigarette butt carpet won't make itself, ya know.

These cigarette butt creations are not meant to encourage you to smoke, but simply meant to show you what you could be creating with your butts.

Implications - And isn't it about time something like this has existed? Cigarette butts are the scourge of both smokers and non-smokers alike. Nothing hammers home the disgusting nature of cigarettes like the discarded butts that collect in a single area. Especially if it's somewhere you live. Think drinking your roommate's milk will set him/her off? Try being a smoker and leaving your butts around. These cigarette butt creations offer an alternative.