Yummy Yuletide Treats to Brighten Your Belly this Holiday

 - Dec 15, 2010   Updated: Mar 22 2011
Eating Christmas confections is my favorite part of the holidays, hands down. Yes, more than receiving presents, I enjoy eating the cute little culinary creations that my family creates.

These Christmas confections however, are not your average "aunt _____'s fruitcake." These particularly peculiar treats range from two-story gingerbread houses to USB Christmas cupcakes.

Implications - Though there is a vast amount of good and bad news at consumers' fingertips, tradition holds strong as a friendly, familiar reminder of simple times. The average adult takes comfort in solidified values that they can count on, such as cookies at Christmas or costumes on Halloween. These customs suggest that everyone yearns for something concrete to hold on to, despite the fast pace of today's society.