From Alcoholic Countdown Calendaras to Event-Tracking Time Pieces

 - Nov 19, 2012
One of your favorite things about the winter holiday season may be opening up the flaps on Christmas advent calendars.

The simple joy of finding something hiding behind a cardboard picture is addicting, to say the least. Each day brings a delightful little chocolate or a shot of whiskey, depending on what calendar you settled on. In some cases, your festive countdown may even be a little too revealing, showing off a bare-it-all Santa hat-wearing maiden.

Over the years, Christmas advent calendars have gone through various upgrades to incorporate more than just chocolate. Some are about the artistry put into the design, others place jewelry as the pleasing knit-knacks lingering behind the closed doors. Whatever countdown calendar you choose, make sure it's one that makes you rush downstairs to open it.