Applegate, Tropic Thunder and Heath Ledger

 - Aug 20, 2008
Our daily Top 10 was driven by mega celeb telethons, including Christina Applegate and Jennifer Aniston. Nose jobs, spoof posters and digital dress up were not too far behind. Tropic Thunder and Heath Ledger also made the list.

Christina Applegate is now cancer free, following her treatment. The ordeal has now motivated her to become much more involved in related charities, including the mega celeb charity we covered yesterday.

Tropic Thunder has been buzzing on the net with today's search volume being driven by Tom Cruise and his appearance in the flick. Incidentally, our article, however, was more on the race-changing abilities of Robert Downey Jr.

Heath Ledger is making another appearance in the headlines with news that his life story will hit the silver screen.

Although Applegate, Thunder and Ledger are making headlines, a couple unique posts have also done really well. My favorite, would have to be Hummer Haters unite. The whole concept may irritate or inspire many people, but hopefully you'll find yourself entertained.