From Indulgent Nutella Sushi to Decadent Dessert Burgers

 - Jun 23, 2014
Artery clogging confections and meaty dessert concoctions are just some of the chocolate sauce recipes that are sure to satisfy one's sweet tooth.

These fun recipe examples range from the outrageous to the decadent and showcase versatile ways to cook with everyone's favorite sugary topping.

For many chocolate sauce is a staple of childhood days and is often associated with Nesquik's bunny-shaped packaging designs. In addition to its ability to transform milk into chocolate milk, the sweet sauce is also a popular topping for ice cream sundaes, fruit salads and even sushi rolls in more rare cases.

In addition to their sweet flavoring, chocolate sauce recipes are versatile and often easy to make. The examples allow one to indulge and are a guaranteed family favorite.