- Oct 1, 2009   Updated: Mar 24 2011
Thanksgiving is a time to celebrate food, friends, family and founders at the end November. This cluster showcases all the ways to celebrate Thanksgiving from your friends here at Trend Hunter.

From public stuffings to skateboarding turkeys, check out all the ways to celebrate Thanksgiving. Inappropriate uncles and quietly racist grannies not included.

Implications - Having Thanksgiving dinner is an old ritual that should definitely be taken into account by marketers and advertisers. When the season comes about, people are generally more inclined to buy things embellished with turkeys and cornucopias (especially if they are kitchen and bathroom items such as hand towels and napkins). Being festive is important in many households, which is important for businesses to keep in mind.

Ways to Celebrate Thanksgiving from Public Stuffings to Skateboarding Turkeys: