10 Real-Life Examples Of Cartoon Naughty

 - Sep 26, 2008
Let’s face facts: The world is searching for sex in every way. For example, Debonair Magazine’s global sex trend research shows that the word sex is entered 408,326 times daily into search engines and and porn 361,037.

They may be miles apart, content-wise, but just like the stock market, sexual trends are dictated by the general population. With this in mind, someone took the time to evaluate the positions of the top sex trends based on sex searches around the world.

It appears lots of people enjoy getting animated during bedtime fun and love watching ‘Who Framed Roger Rabbit.’ Women are even cashing in on this market, spending up to £20,000 to make themselves look like cartoons.

Cartoon Sex is one of the biggest growth areas and is searched for 16,370 times a day. It is most popular in Jakarta, Indonesia. Interest in cartoon sex has experienced a 10% gain in the past year. Here are some trends which show just why.