- Dec 16, 2011
These candy-coated creations being concocted look like products straight out of Willy Wonka's saccharine dreams.

It's safe to say that anything can instantly be made better when covered in sweet substances, from standard accessories all the way to architecture. Skateboards have been covered in a rainbow array of Skittles, cameras are being slathered in multicolored sprinkles and walls are foregoing regular paint for a coating of sugar cubes instead. It's not just the goods inside the wrappers either, as the pretty packaging is also being used to make everyday items appear edible.

So if you've got a serious sweet-tooth, test out some of the candy-coated creations deliciously designed and destined to put you into a diabetic coma!

From Candy-Coated Manicures to Candylicious Cameras: