Top 23 Innovative Energy Fixes

 - Oct 20, 2007
Everyone has had those days where the convenience of a pick me up in a cup, can or bottle sounds more than a little enticing. The popularity in caffeinated products, from beverages to foods and pills, and even topical gels and lotions, has sky rocketing in the last years.

People turn to caffeine for a variety of reasons, most commonly for a boost of energy, either to get through a work day or party through the night, or for weight loss support.

It's no longer just Starbucks and Red Bull dominating the market, a slew of other companies have tried to fulfill the growing demand for the quick fix on the go, the convenience of pre-packaged energy.

Here are some of the top energy-boosting, caffeine-packed products featured on Trend Hunter. For good measure, we threw in the caffeine calculator at the end.