From Ice Cream to Cheese to Soap, These Finds are the Breast

 - Feb 1, 2010   Updated: Jul 27 2011
The baby is hungry and needs to be fed with 11 Breast Milk Innovations. Maybe you could pass the breast milk ice cream while you’re at it.

Humans are great creatures. We sing, dance, love, and make our own dairy products. I hope you enjoy these awesome 11 Breast Milk Innovations. Stay thirsty, my friends.

Implications - The invasion of technology and machinery on North American society has left consumers longing for more human interaction. That being said, consumers are turning to extremes in order to satiate the desire for more simplicity, intimacy and emotion. Things like breast milk innovations and motion-controlled gaming are results of this urge for interactivity, prompting companies to incorporate more humanlike elements in products.