From Balancing Shelves to Convertible Bookcases

 - Oct 30, 2009   Updated: Apr 27 2011
It's time to talk nerdy. There is nothing short of amazing when it comes to these 22 bookworm bookshelves featured in this cluster.

Be amazed by bookshelves that balance, roll and defy gravity and take a look at the jaw-dropping global warming, maze and geographic homes for your novels. These bookworm bookshelves are sure to delight your inner nerd.

Implications - Home decor can be a quick way to add some spice into a household. Products that are unconventional appeal to consumers as they can become conversation starters amongst visitors. Additionally, those who love to read can appreciate the imagination that it took to create these unique bookshelves such as the porcupine bookcase and and maze-like furniture.