- Oct 11, 2012
Whether gracing the pages of fashion's most respected publications or walking international runways, these bold baroque fashions embrace the "more is more" style motto. From Dolce and Gabbana's gold-accented collections to the heavy ornamentation seen in Anna Dello Russo's recent H&M collaboration collection, this intricately detailed aesthetic looks to the past for its design inspiration.

These artfully crafted pieces embrace the idea of over-the-top glamor and are guaranteed to draw attention to their wearer. Because of their intricate detailing, these items often come at a hefty price. Whether they are dripping in gold or organically embellished, these bold baroque fashions are gaining immense popularity with a spotlight that doesn't seem to be fading.

The piece are not only recognized for their flawless aesthetics but also for their air of nostalgia seen through their historical inspiration.

These Embellished Styles Are Glamorously Ornate: