From Cash-Scented Spritzers to Fecal Fragrances

 - Aug 10, 2012
These bizarrely scented perfumes show just how much room for interpretation there is in this rapidly changing industry.

From perfumes with strong bathroom-inspired scents to those with no smell at all, there's no telling what kind of formulas will be released next. Though some of the scents put out sound unappealing at first, brands like Demeter have made the most of atypical fragrances and proven that even marijuana makes for a good perfume base. Though not all buyers are daring enough to try out these bizarre goodies, they make for interesting conversation pieces and stir up plenty of buzz for the brands that put them on the market.

Whether you're partial to classic scents or those that are downright shocking, the perfume industry is one of the most inventive cosmetic fields out there.