Jean Nouvel's 'Small Architecture' for YSL

 - Feb 23, 2008
References: jeannouvel & wwd
Okay, I may be the only one here with a dirty mind but I have to admit I did stifle a nicker at diva designer Jean Nouvel's new rocket-shaped form for YSL L'Homme. It helps if you know the French architect's work: maybe you've seen his monumental and unapologetically phallic 'Torre Agbar' tower in Barcelona or read about his ambitiously vertical, as yet unbuilt, 'Tour Sans Fin' (never ending tower) proposal. The design, perhaps a bit more NSFW than high fashion, could only be carried off by Nouvel, whose award winning designs always steal the spotlight. Maybe more well behaved readers will liken the 90ml bottle to a scale model of one of Nouvel's steel and glass designs.

It goes on sale this month so I'll not have long to wait to see if my suspicion that the perfume shoots out the top is correct--then my little snicker will be an absolute roar.