YSL Features, from Caged Footwear to Dead Celebrity Auctions

 - Dec 3, 2009   Updated: Jun 7 2011
No matter the year, Yves Saint Laurent finds a way to stay up to date with men's and women's fashion. A perennial statement maker when it comes to what is being worn by all the people that are prettier than the rest of us, YSL duds do not disappoint.

From caged footwear to dead celebrity auctions, check out all of these innovative YSL features.

Implications - In the wake of the recent recession, high-end designers and fashions are hard to sell unless the products are simple and do not alienate the everyday consumer. Minimalism and simplicity are common elements in fashion products that consumers are eager to invest in, as buyers do not want to appear indulgent and over-the-top in a world where the general public is struggling to put food on the table.