15 Eccentric Fashions By Gareth Pugh

The eccentric fashion designer Gareth Pugh likes pushing the proverbial envelope with his outlandish creations.

Indeed, this innovative designer’s catwalks are always rife with weird and theatrical collections such as the monochromatic Elizabethan and Shakespearean piece he created for one of his shows or the nondescript, skintight and dark black outfit with the two upright "ears."

We could go on and on about Pugh’s eccentric designs, but doing so would probably take us a week or two.

The whimsical haute couture designer has also collaborated with other designers and photographers on a number of projects including 'Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy' at the Metropolitan Museum of Art earlier this year, the Retro Paper Fashion collection which is currently on tour in Europe and the futuristic fashion Spread for V Magazine.

Although Pugh’s over-the-top designs are unconventional and bizarre, I find them attractive in a freakish sort of way.