Gareth Pugh: Today In Today In Haute Couture

 - Feb 17, 2006   Updated: May 18 2011
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Gareth Pugh released his Ready to Wear collection, which was recently featured in Style Magazine. Unfortunately, the ready-to-wear collection is now aging as the show was in Fall 2006. However, I think designs like these are timeless.

Implications - Fashion with unusual imagery and an abstract, macabre aesthetic often redefine what the "norm" in fashion is. With so many eccentric designers, it's considered "cool" to set yourself apart by dressing outrageously. Flashy styles are the perfect way to market a brand's creativity, and it allows them to push the boundaries on designs that can be timeless and memorable. Consumers will have something fresh and exciting to flaunt when they're out on the town in return.