From Middle Finger Statues to Profane French Fries

 - Jan 11, 2012
It seems to be one of the most widely recognized profane gestures ever thrust up in fury, and according to the amount of bird-flipping innovations out there, tossing your middle digit at the world will forever remain as the unspoken finger of fury.

The loaded hand move has been featured on bike seat cushions, captured in wordlessly colorful campaigns, displayed by dissing supermodels in edgy editorials, and even motioning from manipulated traffic lights. You know it's a pretty standard salute when the rude attitude maneuver is even immortalized as a statue in Milan!

There's just something therapeutic about throwing out that center finger, and these bird-flipping innovations go to show that one's close-mouthed emotions won't be tamed as long as their angry appendages are agile.