Transforming One's Work Utensil into an Artistic Outlet

 - May 7, 2012
While some may not consider doodling a legitimate art form, these ballpoint pen pictorials illustrate that a true artist doesn't require a vast a palette of hues and colors to create something compelling and beautiful.

Ballpoint pens spend most of their lives filling out work-related tasks for either school or one's career; however, they are also the first line of defense against the ever prominent work-induced daydreaming. If you spend a lot of time at work then it should be no surprise that the bulk of your inspiration will come to you while on company hours. It's a good thing the artists of the Tentacled Victorian Illustrations and the Surreal Pen Illustrations had their trusty ballpoint when imagination struck.

The Incredible Ink Depictions and Ballpoint Babe Illustrations demonstrate that the everyday office pen is as legitimate of an artistic utensil as a paintbrush.