These Drawings by Vanessa Prager Offer Individual Interpretation

 - May 7, 2012
References: vprager & mymodernmet
Drawn on vintage music paper using a ballpoint pen, this new collection of artwork by Vanessa Prager is evocative and entrancing. In regards to her new work, Prager says, "I like the idea of capturing moments set in a sort of past and future, or a timeless time." The images center around the concept of the transitional moments in time in which the outcome is anticipated but not yet reached.

Inherent within these illustrations are the unfinished sections in each portrait. The juxtaposition between elaborate detail and partial incompleteness invites the audience to fill in the missing gaps, reflecting the process of assigning history and outcome to the indeterminate moments within the illustration.

Vanessa Prager’s art is compelling through its insistence upon audience participation and deduction. Like the individual portraits themselves, no two interpretations are the same.