From Eco-Friendly Car Races to Sustainable Bark Bikes

 - Sep 7, 2011
The panda population of the world may have to go on a diet thanks to all of these badass bamboo vehicles. Wooden vehicles are nothing new, but they are starting to become more popular as the world goes greener. Bamboo especially has become the wood of choice for eco-conscious designers thanks to its lightweight and durability.

Bamboo also grows really, really fast making it ideal for mass-produced vehicles. Most of these badass bamboo vehicles are bicycles, which is to be expected. Bicycle frames require very little wood and are supposed to be lightweight and tough. What excite me the most are the bamboo concept cars, specifically the RinSpeed BamBoo. This quirky car has a decent shot at going from concept to reality. If the RinSpeed BamBoo were to hit the roads, it could be a great way to show the public what bamboo can do. Pandas, consider your feasting fest nearly over.