- Jan 29, 2010   Updated: Apr 4 2011
Auto-tune and karaoke give crappy singers an outlet to express themselves without being ridiculed. Everyone sounds good in auto-tune. As for karaoke, well, let’s just say if you boo someone who is doing karaoke, you just don’t have a soul.

So from the ‘I am T-Pain’ iPhone App to PowerPoint Karaoke, check out all the innovations for the mediocre singer.

Implications - In today's fame-obsessed society, god-given talents are a topic of fascination and often a fixation. Inventions such as these help enhance what talent a consumer does (or does not) have, creating the illusion that they are closer to fame. Companies can create pieces, whether for fun or for serious use, that enhance musical talent to serve a demographic of fame-starved consumers.

Auto-Tune and Karaoke Finds for Everyone: