- Sep 1, 2018
Whether it is a rental home with an built-in boutique, or a hostel with an Instagram-friendly exterior, the August 2018 travel trends reveal that today's accommodations go far beyond a basic hotel suite.

On the one hand, today's travelers are looking for accommodations that are an experience in an of themselves. For example, the McKinley Bungalow in Montauk, New York, is a shoppable rental featuring a variety of goods from the designers' favorite artists, makers and manufacturers.

In addition to new experiences, the August 2018 travel trends also reveal that consumers are looking for spots to stay that are extremely photo-friendly. Examples of spots that are catering to the Instagram-obsessed traveller set include Aurora Arquitectos' bright blue hostel in Cascais, Portugal, the neon interior of the Shoreline Hotel in Waikiki, Hawaii, and the spaceship-inspired rental Airship 002 in the Scottish Highlands.

From Shoppable Vacation Homes to Vibrant Homey Hostels: