From 12-Player Ping Pong Tables to Chalkboard Table Tennis

 - Oct 4, 2011
If you prefer your tennis to be played on a table, then you are going to love all of these atypical ping pong tables. When it comes to innovation, table tennis has remained fairly stagnant over the years. When something isn't broke you shouldn't try and fix it, but that doesn't mean that you can't give it a fun tweak every now and then.

Playing table tennis is difficult enough for me, but I can't imagine how tough it would be on a 12-person ping pong table. Keeping score in table tennis, like in all sports, can be tough to do. Thankfully, there is a ping pong table made out of a chalkboard to ensure that six is actually serving seven. If a technofied table tennis table isn't your idea of awesome, then I don't know what is.