Pong Game Gets a Reality Check With LCDs

 - Jan 20, 2010
References: evilmadscientist & forevergeek
Though it was a generation before me, I have always loved playing the classic Pong game, and will even admit a slight addiction to it in my earlier years. Now finally someone has created what we all have dreamed of, but have never had the know-how to pull off: a real life Pong game.

How the Pong game works, without going into great detail, is that the paddles are powered to keep the ball (which also has LCD censors) moving and can detect when they are hit by the ball. The walls are comprised of beryllium copper strips, helping the ball to bounce.

The invention of the real life Pong game can be credited to the brilliant minds at EvilMadScientist.com. I’ve crossing my fingers they’re working on a live action Pac Man game.