This Harlem Rapper's Influence Extends Far Beyond Rap

 - Mar 15, 2013
If you've never heard of A$AP Rocky, you're either not a fan of modern rap, or don't spend a ton of time on the Internet. Nowadays, it's more difficult to avoid hearing about the Harlem-born rapper than it is to find out more about him.

For the uninitiated, A$AP Rocky is a rapper who came out onto the scene in mid-2012. Though his Southern state-influenced, drug-dripped sound did account for a lot of his notoriety, what really kept people interested was his look.

Rocky is of the new-school rap belief that the look is as important as the music -- not only does he rap about the gear he rocks and the designers he likes, he often gets to collaborate with them. This has resulted in tons of fashion shoots and projects involving the rapper that really, are not at all rap-related.