Edible Michael Phelps and More

 - Aug 25, 2008
Michael Phelps made of spices, and Britney Spears made of Cheetos are among several other edible famous people from a website dedicated to art with an expiration date, suspectandfugitive.com.

Some pieces are better than others by a long shot, but the common theme appears to be that is that all the ‘art’ uses either edible ‘stuff’ as a canvas (well, originally edible, I am not sure if you can eat the art in its finished form) or auxiliary food items, such as drinks from a soft drink.

You can even buy cards of some of the most popular pieces from the site.

Make sure you check out the painting in ketchup and fries video too.

To kick it off, we start with an image of Michael Phelps. An ode to Michael Phelps’ performance in the Olympic games, made out of what looks like spices and seasoning. Apparently NBC only films Michael Phelps above the waist as if "he was some hairless, aquadynamic Elvis, whose monstrous nethers could cause an international incident," RadarOnline says. Michael Phelps is one of the spiciest topics these days, so it’s quite fitting! (Hello! Did you see Phelps Hysteria?)