- Nov 29, 2011
Amish-inspired fashions have been featured in various magazine editorials and high-style spreads. Country-side chic styles have been showcased in fashion photographs as well as on international runways.

Androgynous ensembles like monochromatic suited separates can be seen paired with bold, over-sized hats as accessories. Beauty editorials put emphasis on feminine braids while menswear looks are easy, relaxed and farmer-inspired. Peasant-inspired pieces are making an impact in high fashion with an emphasis on highly functional and wearable staples that are both rugged and durable.

Dynamic farmland editorials are quaint and demure with a bold, fashion-forward edge. Beautiful countryside serves as an alluring backdrop for chic captures. A rural setting contributes to captivating imagery and often gives fashion shoots a natural and ethereal flair. Whether present in minimalist menswear or Mennonite-inspired women's styles, Amish-inspired fashions are taking the world by storm.

These Captivating Editorials Feature Countryside Couture: