The Country Girls Captures the Glamor of Farm Labor

The beauty of the Country Girls is in the way it tells the story of two fetching femmes who are simultaneously strong and steadfast workers as well as ravishing rural specimens. Found in volume 11 of 160 Grams, this editorial features more than simply a preview of the Fall Winter 2012 collection.

Benjamin Armand styled these hay bale lifting and manure-churning sweethearts in a broad range of ensembles well suited to the task at hand. Karlina Caune and Victoria Tuaz can be seen in A-line overalls, button-down blouses, baggy slacks and cowboy hats, appearing completely arresting to those who observe the strength and power they possess. Off the farm, the pair of models are robed in flouncy dresses with pleated collars, blazers and neatly styled locks, giving the Country Girls by Ugo Richard a divine dual nature.