From Ancient Symbol Manicures to Preppy Feminine Lookbooks

 - Jun 5, 2012
These Alexa Chung features show just how exceedingly popular this former model has become in the fashion industry.

UK-based and with a distinctly understated style, Miss Chung has been making a huge impact in the style sphere for a couple of years now. Known for her quirky and decidedly modest wardrobe, she's been a stylist, model and spokesperson for many cutting-edge brands and has developed a strong and influential voice in her industry. It seems she has the golden touch, providing popularity to nearly every brand and product she comes into contact with. The 'Alexa' bag by Mulberry, for example, continues to be massively popular and speaks to her ever-rising fame.

Adorable and above all, likable, Alexa Chung is a rising star in an industry where it's nearly impossible to stand out. Sure to continue to influence fashionistas everywhere, fans can't wait to see where she'll take her talents next.