- Jun 10, 2019
As artificial intelligence technology continues to improve it becomes far more accessible, as a result, AI mobile apps continue to grow in function and in consumer popularity. Mobile apps are used in order to provide a function to users, and AI technology can offer new services that were previously unavailable to mobile users.

One of the AI mobile apps is called Phonal and it looks to help users with public speaking. The app is powered by an AI system that uses VR to immerse users in a public setting for them to practice speaking in front of an audience.

Another app, called doc.ai, enhances medical research. Users of the app will get access to thousands of data points that will be able to make predictions about their health.

Lastly, an app titled Lensa is a photo correcting app, that uses AI to edit pictures. The app can is able to fix blemishes, blurry photos and more.

From Public Speaking to Corrective Photo Editing: