Butterfly Coach's Digital Trainer Tailors Routines to Individual Users

 - Jun 4, 2019
References: bf-coach.de & adsoftheworld
Butterfly Coach is described as "a fitness app for people that don’t believe in fitness apps" and it distinguishes itself by taking an extremely personalized approach to health and wellness. While there are hundreds of applications on app stores—many of which are packed with free content—to help people whip themselves into shape, Butterfly Coach takes a highly customized approach to motivate individual users.

The data- and feedback-powered digital coach makes the most of Butterfly Coach AI, an artificial intelligence system to share food and fitness tips that are relevant to each user. The app boasts the ability to update one's suggested workout in real-time if a user finds the exercise too easy or too challenging, and Butterfly Coach also considers when other physical activities were performed to provide a rest day at just the right time.