From Afro-Feminist Coloring Books to Presidential Coloring Books

 - Nov 4, 2015
Adult coloring books are great tools to use when revealing stress or simply expressing creativity. These books offer all kinds of imagery from empowering feminism canvases to distorted landscapes.

Makeda Lewis' 'Avies Dreams' book provides black and white images, showcasing a theme of acceptance and afrocentricity while the 'Badass Feminist Coloring Book' tackles racism and misogyny. For the extremely creative, the 'Full Color' coloring book is an explosion of funky images and shapes, just like Alexander Williamson's 'Psychedelic Coloring Book.'

Among these adult coloring books are also books with a comedic approach. While 'The Trump Coloring Book' pokes fun at presidential candidate Donald Trump, the 'Super Strong Princess' book redefines gender norms using Disney Princesses.