From Adaptable Designs to Lavish Dog Fashion Photography

 - Mar 19, 2013
Adaptable designs can be used to describe a number of today's top trends. From home decor to patio furniture and office accessories, pieces are being built so that consumers can set them up themselves, take them apart and even use them for something else. The Collapsible Picnic Table is designed with flexible hinges so that owners can take it apart easily and then configure it to serve as a bench seat, maximizing its functionality.

Similarly, the A la carte kitchen, designed by German brand Stadtnomaden, is a compact kitchen unit that is great for offices or small spaces. The units can be stacked in different combinations to use the least amount of space possible and make rooms feel bigger.

The ‘+++Table’ from Dutch designers Fraaiheid doesn't require any tools for it be completely assembled, making it ideal for university students or home owners in new cities who aren't fully equipped with the necessary tools to build new furniture. For more insight into today's home decor and design industries, check out Trend Hunter's 2013 Trend Reports.